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SCREASY and SCREASY solo – products that deliver on their promises!
SCREASY skirting screws are special screws made from quality, hardened screw steel with a fixing plug made from a high-quality nylon compound, specially developed for the installation of skirting boards. The fixing plug is longer than the standard products on the market and is much easier to insert into drilled holes as the wings are very close to the body of the plug. In soft materials, such as plaster, the wings grip the sides of the drilled hole, preventing the plug from turning. SCREASY therefore offers optimum hold in many building materials. Professional quality for professional work.

And if speed is of the essence, SCREASY solo is the perfect choice. This impresses by being 30% faster and exceptionally easy to use. It reduces the installation process to three simple words: drill, screw, done! In the case of soft materials, such as plaster and aerated concrete, there is no need to pre-drill the wall.

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